To my dearest All Female,
Words really cannot express how much I am truly blessed to have worked with each and everyone of you ladies. This past year has definitely been a great big learning experience for me, and I am so thankful to have had you guys by my side. I know I’m the corny and mushy one and I always tell you guys how much I love you all, but I’ve been lagging out this whole “goodbye, it’s the end” thing for a while now, but i think now that Spectacular, Showcase Assembly, and Banquet is all over, its finally time :( I have grown attached to the twenty of you & I really can’t imagine how it will be without you all.

I just wanted to say thank you for the ton of memories you’ve left me with. From our first few summer retreats not being close to eachother at all. To our first GNO which was the bidnessss! No sleep. Karaoke all night. Delirious at practice the next day. To our first performance as an all female, performing to Heads Will Roll & that Commander song HAHAHA. To starting on comp routines looking all awkward tryna do Greg’s choreo. To getting our sparkly dresses and bein Beyonce LOL. To comp season. All the sleepovers. The grubbing. The yelling. The facial circles. The crying. The sweat. The hard work. The injuries. The giving up. The motivation. The “HAHs!” and “YEAHs!” the “WE ARE BEYONCE.” the “WE ARE AMAZING” The rollercoaster of a week before West. The prayer circles and singing the whole dance drill mix to get hyped. The energy i feel when im on the floor with you guys. The holding hands during awards. The screaming yelling cheering going bananas when the announcer calls out Cerritos. Oh man there is just TOOOO much. All of those memories will forever be imprinted in my brain.

AF 11-12: it was you guys who placed 2nd at Miss DDT Nationals, and 3rd at USA Nationals the first time Cerritos ever entered the “Dance/Drill” category. It was you guys who pulled off bein Beyonce, and damn sure worked it this whole season, placing 2nd @ West when we re-did the WHOLE routine 2 days before, and 2nd at Miss DDT Nationals ;) . It was you guys who become NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for Medium Military. It was you guys who shaped me into the girl I am today. It’s hard to believe I will never step out on the floor with the same set of girls ever again. That energy i feel dancing next to you all is THEE best. Thank you so much for the dedication and hard work you all put in this year. To those of you graduating, or won’t be returning next year, I do hope one day we can share the floor together once again. You guys will truly be missed and I am thankful to be able to have danced with you. To those staying for this upcoming year, I can’t wait to do it all over again and BRING IT.

Job well done “girlies” (; MISSION FUGGIN ACCOMPLISHED. I love you guys times a million, and then some.

Your ASSt. Captain Eriel! ;-*
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